Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This morning began just like any other Christmas would. My mom walked up and down the hallway past my room shaking her jingle bells like a mad woman. "Santa must have come last night! Come to the living room and see!" she said, full of Christmas cheer and apparently some coffee...I heard my brother groan from his room as I rolled over and did the same in mine. After two or three more tries, she changed her tune. "The coffee's ready and I already started the eggs benedict!" was much more motivating so we slowly got dressed and made our way out to the living room. My parents had a fire in the fireplace, presents under the tree, Christmas music playing on the stereo, and coffee already poured. My brother and I took our usual spots sitting next to the tree and began handing out gifts to each member of the family. My cat laid under the tree watching us and the family dog went crazy running around sticking his nose in everyone's gift bags and ripping tissue paper. As I write this I am wearing one of my favorite gifts, a snuggly pink bath robe!

After the gifts were opened I went to the kitchen to help my mom finish the eggs benedict and set the table. More coffee was poured as we ate and talked about what needed to be done that day. I needed to shower and be ready in an hour to meet my current college Jazz Director at one my favorite places in town, my old junior high school band room. My dad and I quickly escaped the pouring rain as we ran to the car in the driveway and then I stood waiting for my director to arrive. He was driving all the way from school (an hour and forty-five minute drive) in order to get my vocals recorded on a track he had been working on. While I waited for him to arrive I was able to catch up with my childhood mentor, my junior high music director. This man had introduced me to jazz so it seemed only appropriate for me to be recording vocal jazz in his music room some seven and a half years after. Not only did he allow me to use his space, he encouraged me in prayer (along with his entire family who arrive thirty minutes later) for strength and peace for tomorrow's operation. He has been one of the most influential people in my life, so it was incredibly meaningful to hear him speak so confidently about my future. He also reminded me that God is not through with me yet. This experience can only bring me and those around me closer to Christ. 

After I recorded the track and gave all of those involved a plate of my mom's famous persimmon cookies (a family tradition), I got a ride home to help my mom in the kitchen once again. Cooking has always been a time for great bonding for my mom and I. We talk and laugh...we bicker...but somehow the meal always ends up getting done. Tonight's dinner consisted of turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, candied yams, rolls, and cranberry sauce. She also baked a pumpkin pie for dessert, yum!! 

My fiancĂ©e and I exchanged gifts with each other and with my parents after dinner. I finished my last preparations for surgery and then I exchanged gifts at his house with his family. As I was riding back home in his car I began to realize that today's festivities were now over. My surgery is tomorrow. I also realized I only had like an hour left to shower (no showers on the day of surgery) and to eat (no food after midnight the night before surgery)!!  I took a quick shower while my mom cut me a piece of pumpkin pie. When I got out of the shower she had already gone to bed so I grabbed a few lemon bars from the platter in the kitchen...I can't eat until sometime tomorrow night so I better load up, I thought to myself as a savored every sugary bite.

I have followed all of guidelines and made all the necessary preparations, I will arrive at Mercy General Sacramento at 8am this morning...and the rest is out of my hands. I will fall asleep in the next hour praying for the doctors and nurses who will be caring for me, my family as they sit in the waiting room for hours on end, and for myself that I might be able to use this opportunity to glorify God. 

I may not be able to update my blog for the next few days, but have a very Merry Christmas! 

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