Friday, November 18, 2011 Nuptials!

((Some of my best girlfriends and I in South Lake Tahoe for my last weekend as a single woman!)

I began this blog with the idea that I would eventually be able to write about every little wedding decision and detail...but I have come to a fabulous realization: It's not about all of the little details. What matters is that Brad and I are getting married this Saturday morning at 10:30am surrounded by our dearest family and friends. This time last year I was impatiently waiting for my next MRI to determine the date of my (first) craniotomy. I am so grateful that God has brought me through this last year and has given me the strength to walk down the aisle to the man of my dreams!!

Chemo has been going fairly well. My white blood cell count has been pretty consistent, around 3.3-3.4, except for this last round. My WBC got down to 2.8 but the oncologist allowed me to go ahead with the treatment as long as I was extra cautious and avoided crowds. This month, she pushed the treatment back for the wedding which also gave my immune system more time to build up. Overall, we still have not seen any change in my MRI since I began chemo. 

My classes have been going much better since I have been more conscious of my time management. Big assignments may take a little longer to do and I can't do things at the last minute anymore, but I can still get a good grade. My course load also gives me plenty of time to complete my homework since I only have class in the late afternoon and evening. 

I will post again after the wedding to share some pictures but I do want to share an important link with you. In lieu of wedding favors, Brad and I chose to make a donation to the Gordon Murray Brain Tumor Initiative at UCSF to show our since gratitude to the doctors, nurses, and medical staff for making our special day possible. Please consider giving to this initiative: which will help to expand and improve the brain tumor research center at UCSF. Did you know that some 500 Americans are diagnosed with brain cancer every day and that it kills some 13,000 people in the United States each year? I certainly didn't know that a year ago. 

Please go to the YouTube video I have given below. This elderly couple was visiting the Mayo Clinic and decided to give an impromptu duet performance. I hope Brad and I are still filled with that much love for music and each other at 80. :)