Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stressful Week, Girl Time, and A Little Nervous

This past week was one full of stress, ultrasounds, early morning drives, moving boxes and oh yeah, class!
My dad and I moved the last of my earthly belongings (except for a few suitcases of clothes and books) into a small storage unit down at school on Thursday afternoon after class. My cat, Jinx, is staying with my roommate for the next week because my family will all be in San Francisco. After I got all settled back in at home, I spent some time with my favorite girls. :) Jackie and I got pedicures and then went over to my fiancĂ©e's house to hang out with my future sister and mother-in-law. A movie and some chocolate cake was a great way to relax before the next morning's egg retrieval procedure. The egg retrieval check-in time was scheduled for 7:00am Saturday morning...I think all of these appointments would be so much easier to handle if they were at noon...The fertility team was very friendly and they made me feel very comfortable. They were able to retrieve 18 eggs and even sent me home with pictures of them. My mom is carrying them around in her purse like an expectant grandma! :) I left the clinic feeling bloated and a little crampy, but virtually pain-free. I stayed awake long enough to eat a turkey sandwich and watch a little t.v. and then I slept for most of the afternoon. I'm so thankful that I made it through the process as easily as I did after hearing so many painful stories. God is so good.

I woke up this morning at 6:45am to get ready for the hour and half drive to UCSF for my pre-op MRI and Brain Lab. I am sitting in my fiancee's parents' hotel room with the round plastic sensors that they glued to my head this morning. After I post this, he will be taking me for one last milkshake and then back to the cottage where my family is staying for the week.

I am a little nervous about tomorrow. I should feel better because I have an idea of what is going to happen now...but I have only met with this surgeon once. I know he has great technical skill but I miss the relationship that I had with my first surgeon. Now I just sound sappy...I suppose when it comes to brain surgeons I should value skill more than sue me. Anyways, I check in at the hospital at 6am tomorrow and the surgery will begin around 7am.

Thank you for all of those of you who are praying for me. Please continue to pray for my family as they sit in the waiting room tomorrow and for the team of doctors and nurses.We serve an all-powerful, healing, and merciful God who has proven Himself over and over! I will continue to praise Him in all things. 

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  1. You are so amazing Maggie and an inspiration. Praying for you and your family.